Elim Springs Farm, Stewards of God's Creation
Shopping cart, drop sites, etc.
We welcome and encourage farm visits and sales so you can see our operation and learn more about us, but we also have the following drop sites: 

We have implemented a new shopping cart as of April, 2014. To view our cart and available inventory click the icon below.



Here's a listing of what we currently offer:
  • Grass-fed & finished beef - individual cuts
  • Pastured broilers - whole birds & individual cuts
  • Pastured pork - individual cuts
  • Natural eggs

Our meat products are mostly sold on a per-pound basis. Listings in the shopping cart are actual items with exact weights where applicable. The shopping cart is secure and accepts payments either by credit card or PayPal.

What to expect: When you place an order on-line using this cart it will step you through the payment process. We are notified of the transaction and we pull the order to be delivered on the requested date. There is a "note" field if you need to ask any questions or provide us with further information.

When visiting the cart for the first time please "Join". This will allow you to setup a user account so you can simply login for future visits. You will need to select a pickup location - this will be your default. We can deliver to alternate sites for you if the need arises, you will just need to let us know at the time of order.

Once your account has been confirmed you will be back to the main cart page. On the right "Choose a producer" - we're the only one listed. This will populate the screen with our current inventory.

When placing your first order you will need to "add membership". This is a function of the cart and must be done - there is no additional cost for this.

If at any time you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us!     

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